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hunting familyWelcome to the IHEA online

This online course includes information and instruction about:

  • Introduction to Hunter Education
  • Hunting Safety
  • Hunter Responsibility
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Hunting Opportunities

This online course can be used three ways:

1. Just Browsing: People interested in hunting can learn more about hunting.

2. A Head Start: People about to take a hunter education course can get a head start before their official hunter education class. IMPORTANT: If you intend to take an official hunter education course, CHECK FIRST with your state, province or territory.

3. Homework Credit: Some states and provinces – but not all – have home study options that give students partial credit for doing assigned homework, or home study, before going to the hands-on hunter education course. The home study materials may be books or a CD-Rom provided by the agency, or information provided on the Internet. Some agencies have their own online material, and others may use this website. This online Introduction to Hunter Education is brand new; however, so you may not be able to get credit where you live. Please see your state, province or territory for details.

Follow the arrows at the bottom of the page to take this course. To see a list of all the topics covered in this course, go to our Table of Contents page.

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This course made possible by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and IHEA member contributions. Learn more.

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