"Modern Firearms" Quiz
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1. What type of ignition system is this muzzleloader using?
    Black Powder
    Percussion cap

2. Most modern firearms built today are designed to use smokeless gunpowder.

3. What part found in manual-repeating and self-loading firearms is not found in a single-shot firearm?

4. The semi-automatic rifle or shotgun is what type of modern firearm?
    single shot

5. What type of action is this?


6. The three main parts found in modern firearms are:
    hinge, stock, barrel
    stock, bolt, sight
    barrel, action, magazine
    stock, action, barrel

7. Rifles are a good choice for moving targets.

8. Safeties can fail, therefore always remember to:
    maintain muzzle control at all times.
    keep the chamber empty.
    know your target and what lies beyond it.
    remove the magazine.

9. The chamber of a firearm:
    holds the ammunition ready to fire
    when operated opens the action
    prevents the gun from firing
    when pulled it strikes the primer

10. The action release:
    holds the ammunition when fired
    when operated, allows the shooter to open the action
    prevents the gun from firing
    when pulled it strikes the primer

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