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girl on deer huntWhy do you want to hunt?

"I don't know—I just like it."

Hunters enjoy hunting. They have some very deep feelings about hunting, but often find it difficult to express those feelings in ways others understand.

Hunting has nothing to do with violence or aggression. Almost every hunter will tell you they love animals. Yet, hunters kill animals. How do you explain that? It's a little like farming or gardening. People protect and care for their chickens and their vegetable plants, only to end up using them for food. Hunters support conservation of wild places and laws that protect wildlife populations, but they use some of the wildlife for hunting—not just killing, and not just eating, but to experience hunting.

quote: one doesn't hunt to kill but kills to hunt - jose ortega y gassetIt's a lot easier, and often less expensive, to buy food and clothing at the store than to make them or grow them yourself. But people are "do-it-yourselfers" because they enjoy the activity, not just the product. Hunting is a lot like that. Some people say "hunting is in my blood" because our ancestors were hunters. It feels good to know we can still survive on our own in Nature the way our ancestors did. Hunting, growing food and making things by hand are all things that people love to do. Even though those things may not seem to be absolutely necessary, they are very important to people who enjoy them.

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