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father and sons hunting pheasant So you're interested in hunting?

That's natural!

Hunting is a natural activity for humans. Our ancestors were hunters for thousands and thousands of years, before and after people learned to grow plants and raise animals for food. Even though food for most people comes from farms today, many of us still enjoy hunting. It's about more than just getting food. It's natural!

For many people, hunting is still a family tradition. In North America, not long ago, some of our grandparents and great grandparents depended on their hunting and outdoor skills to survive. It's good to know how our ancestors lived. It is also rewarding to use the same skills they used.

Early rock art with huntersToday we have a lot of rules limiting when, where and how we can hunt. That's because, over 100 years ago, people who loved hunting demanded laws to protect wildlife populations that were in danger due to unregulated market hunting. That was the start of wildlife conservation. Even with all the rules necessary for conservation today, hunting is still a wild and natural experience.

It's natural to continue family traditions, and enjoy hunting with relatives and friends. It's natural to get closer to nature and learn about the animals and plants. It's natural to feel—up close and personal—that we are a direct part of the food chain. It's natural to want to develop skills to live off the land and be self-reliant. It's natural to want to get away from the daily grind, exercise and relax in the outdoors. It's natural to explore wild places and feel the excitement of the chase. It's natural to enjoy game meat and know that it's healthy food.

Hunting means many things to millions of people: friendship, nature, excitement, freedom, peaceful times, supporting conservation and feeling good about yourself. Hunting is all this and more!

Let's see what different people say about hunting. Do you feel that way too? Do you want to be a hunter?

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