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NSSF logoThis course possible through the generous sponsorship of the
National Shooting Sports Foundation


Chairman: Wayne Jones, New York Department of Environmental
Mike Bogdanowicz, North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission
Tony Burtt, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Patt Dorsey, Colorado Division of Wildlife
Terry Erwin, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Helen McCracken, Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Terry O'Donnell, New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy
Robert Paddon, British Columbia Wildlife Branch
Keith Snyder, Pennsylvania Game Commission
Don Winslow, Arizona Game and Fish Department

ConservationCoordinator/Facilitator: Phil Seng, D.J. Case and Associates
Website Designer/Programmer: Nancy Herron,

IHEA advisors:

David Knotts, International Hunter Education Association
Tim Lawhern, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Canadian Firearm Safety Course
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Southeastern United States Region 4 Hunter Education course
Wayne Jones, New York
Patt Dorsey, Colorado
John Herron, Texas
Nancy Herron, Texas

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