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What You Should Know | Safety Rules | Accepting a Firearm | Unloading and Loading Firearms | Safety Mechanisms | Cleaning Firearms | Storage | Final Quiz

What You Should Know

In this section you will learn basic safety practices when handling firearms. By the end of the Firearm Safety section you will be able to:
1. State the four primary safety rules of handling firearms.
2. Describe the proper procedure for accepting a firearm from another person.
3. State the five steps required to safely unload a firearm.
4. Describe the proper procedure for loading a firearm.
5. Identify four firearm safety types and state two reasons why they might not prevent a firearm from discharging.
6. List five items you need to clean a firearm and describe the general cleaning procedure.
7. List five things you can do to make firearms and ammunition safe for storage in a home or camp.

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