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1. The first rule of safety when handling firearms is to assume every firearm to be loaded.

2. What lies beyond your target is relatively unimportant when hunting as long as you are sure you can hit what you are aiming at.

Which of the following steps apply when accepting a firearm from another person?
Make sure that the action is open and visually check the chamber and magazine before touching the firearm.
    Grasp the firearm in both hands keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    Thank the other person to let them know you have control of the firearm and then PROVE the firearm is safe.
    All of the above

When you PROVE a firearm safe you are determining:
    that it is in a workable condition.
    that it is unloaded and thus safe to handle.
    the firearm's make.
    that it is loaded and ready to fire.

The first step to PROVE a firearm is safe is:
    remove all the ammunition.
    examine the bore for any obstructions.
    point the firearm in a safe direction.
    observe the chamber.

If you were asked to load the firearm shown below, what type of ammunition would you use?

    .300 H&H Mag
    .300 Savage
    .300 Win. Mag.
    .303 British

Using a firearm's safety guarantees that a firearm will never accidentally fire.

The first step when cleaning a firearm is:
    run a bore brush with a light coating of gunpowder solvent through the barrel.
    run a cloth patch with a light coating of gunpowder solvent through the barrel.
    wipe the outside with a clean cloth and then apply a light coat of gun oil to the outer metal surface.
    make sure the firearm is unloaded. PROVE it safe!

You are cleaning a pump action shotgun when you notice that sometimes the moveable forestock becomes jammed. You should:
    apply lots of oil to the shotgun to see if this solves the problem.
    take it to a competent gunsmith for repair.
    take it to a friend who has a similar type of shotgun and who might know what the problem is.
    try to make the repair itself as the problem doesn't look too serious.

Firearms should always be stored unloaded, separate from ammunition, and both under lock and key.

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