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What You Should Know

In this section you will learn basic safe-hunting practices while handling and carrying firearms in the field. By the end of the Hunting Safety section you will be able to:
  1. List five ways to make firearms and ammunition safe for transportation in a vehicle.
  2. Describe a safe method for handling a firearm when entering a tree stand.
  3. Describe the procedure for safely handling a firearm when entering a boat or ground blind.
  4. Demonstrate or explain the appropriate method(s) for carrying a shotgun or rifle while walking abreast or in single file with other hunters.
  5. State four ways to reduce your risk of injury from falls while hunting.
  6. Describe the procedure for cleaning an obstruction from a firearm while in the field.
  7. State the procedure for safely crossing an obstacle with a firearm when hunting alone and when hunting with a partner.
  8. Define what a safe "zone of fire" is and state its importance when hunting with others.
  9. Identify five safe and unsafe hunting situations in which to shoot at game.
  10. State one or more senses or skills of hunters that can be negatively impaired by alcohol or drugs before or while hunting.
  11. State the reason why hunters should wear blaze-orange clothing for most hunting situations.
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