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Safe/Unsafe Shots

hunter shooting at another hunter rattling antlersA safe shot at game is one where you see the animal clearly, are able to positively identify it, and are sure of what lies between you, your target and beyond.

Never take these kinds of shots:

  • At game that you can't identify. Never shoot through brush and trees at a sound, movement or a dark shape!
  • At running game, when there is little opportunity to check your zone of fire and you are very unlikely to make a clean kill anyway.
  • At "skylined" animals that are standing on or moving over a hill where you have no way of knowing what lies beyond your target.
  • At targets when the angle of a missed shot would cause your bullet to travel its maximum trajectory and possibly injure others.
  • At game that is clearly out of range.
  • At flocks of waterfowl as opposed to a single target. Flock shooting increases the risk of wounding game rather than making a clean kill.
  • When objects in the foreground of your target could deflect your bullet.
  • At game that another hunter is shooting at.
  • When your bullet is apt to ricochet off flat or hard surfaces such as rocks, water, or trees.

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