"Hunting Safety" Quiz
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1. It is a safe practice to transport a loaded firearm on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) as long as the safety is on.
2. The first step when raising your firearm into a tree stand is:
    tie the hoist rope onto the sling or its bridle, if it does not have a sling.
    tie a short rope or cord onto the firearm to serve as a bridle to attach the hoist rope.
    put the firearm's safety on.
    check that the gun is unloaded and prove it safe.

3. The carry method that offers the best control of your firearm is:
    cradle carry
    shoulder carry
    two-hand carry
    side carry

4. If you should stumble or fall while carrying a firearm:
    make every effort to control the direction of the muzzle so that it does not point at you or others.
    unload the firearm and check the barrel for obstructions.
    clean the barrel with a portable cleaning kit, if necessary.
    do all of the above.

5. When crossing a fence with a firearm, the first step is always to unload your firearm and leave the action open.

6. When two hunters are crossing an obstacle such as a fence:
    one hunter crosses over the obstacle first, and the loaded firearms are handed to him/her.
    both hunters cross over at the same time, each carrying their own firearm with the muzzles pointed in a safe direction.
    one crosses the obstacle first, and then the unloaded firearms with the actions open and the muzzles pointed in a safe direction are passed to him/her.
    None of the above are correct.

7. A safe "zone of fire" is:
    the area into which you may safely shoot into while hunting alone or with others.
    a place suitable for building a campfire.
    the area where your bullet strikes.
    None of the above.

8. Would you consider it a safe or unsafe situation to shoot at game in this figure?
shooting at deer on hill

9. The use of alcohol or drugs impairs which of the body's abilities listed below?
    All of the above

10. The main reason for wearing hunter orange clothing while hunting is to:
    make it more difficult for game to see you amongst the fall foliage.
    continue an old hunting tradition.
    make yourself more visible to other hunters.
    confuse game.

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