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Shooting Skills

shooting from a blindShooting, like driving a car, is not a skill that you are born with or just know from watching others. It takes time and practice to learn. You first have to learn the parts of a firearm, firearm safety and basic procedures to load and unload a firearm before you shoot one. Learning with a firearm that is the correct caliber and size for the shooter is also very important. Start off with a .22 caliber firearm, not a .375 H & H Magnum rifle.

The fundamentals of shooting are similar for rifle, shotgun and pistol. The difference comes in the manner you mount or hold the firearm, your shooting position and body placement, and trigger control.

The fundamentals of shooting can be learned in the classroom before you head to the range. Some firearm instructors will employ training simulators such as a rifle that emits a laser beam, or a pellet gun to teach the basics of marksmanship. This is generally more cost effective and allows for more systematic training. Talk to your firearms instructor to determine what training program he or she offers.