Wildlife Conservation

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"Habitat" is a key concept of wildlife conservation. It is the place where an organism lives within a community. You might think of an animal's habitat as its "home" or its "address" in the community. Habitats can be very different in size, from a small pond (for a tadpole) to an entire forest (for an elk). But no matter what kind of animal you're talking about, its habitat must have four essential things:   1.  Food   2. Water   3. Cover   4. Space

Arrangement of Habitat

The four elements of habitat must be arranged so that the animal can use them. For example, if the only source of water is across an interstate highway, chances are good that the animal will be hit by a car or truck. There might be enough water in this habitat, but the arrangement of it will make it difficult for the animal to survive.

The Importance of Habitat

Each species of animal has its own habitat requirements. It seems obvious that wild animals need adequate habitat to survive. Yet many people don't understand the vital role of habitat, even though they are eager to protect animals. Without protecting habitat, protecting individual animals becomes meaningless. If animals do not have suitable habitats, they will die.

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