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(Lagopus spp.)



  • 12 1/2 to 15 in. (32 to 38 cm).
  • Weighs up to 2 lb. (1 kg).

Distribution in North America:

range map


There are three kinds of ptarmigan:

  • willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus)
  • rock ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)
  • white-tailed ptarmigan (Lagopus leucurus)


  • High alpine habitat and tundra areas.


  • Calls of “ca-out-ca-out,” “kow-kow-kow,” “do-ack,” “kerr-ky-kerr” as well as soft clucks and squeals. Nests on the ground in a scraped-out area lined with grass and leaves.

Be sure to check local regulations for hunting or trapping information on this species.

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